KARDEC PLAY is an online channel with dozens of movies with the explanations of Cosme Massi about the life, the thought and all of the works of Allan Kardec. It was born as an incentive to the deep, detailed and systematic study of the 32 publications (books, texts, reprints, pamphlets and brochures) that Kardec produced during the period from 1857 to 1869.

It is a tool for those who need or want to understand Spiritist science as elaborated by Kardec, with the help of Spirits. Currently available in 4 languages, Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.

Initially, you will have access to the study by items of The Spirits' Book, the first and most complete work of Allan Kardec. We are in the second part of this work and we already have more than 50 seminars. To complement your studies of the fundamental works of Kardec, we also offer several titles on Philosophy and Spiritist Philosophy. All in a structured for you to surf easily through all the content covered.

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