If you believe that Spiritist knowledge can create a better humanity, your contribution is most welcome. IDEAK also believes in this assumption and works hard to ensure that all such knowledge is clearly available to as many people as possible.

Contribute to IDEAK

The Allan Kardec Spiritist Disclosure Institute is a non-profit organization that exists thanks to the donation of resources and the time of some people who share the Spiritist principles, as formulated by Allan Kardec: French thinker who wrote the fundamental works of Spiritism.

Our goal is to make the greatest number of people around the world have unlimited and easy access to all the works and thoughts of Allan Kardec in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.


To continue with our work, your contribution is paramount!

Here are some of the activities we do and we need resources, both to maintain them and to perfect them:
- translations of websites and technologies used (English, French and Spanish)
- translations of works by Allan Kardec and Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (for Portuguese, English and Spanish)
- site maintenance
- application creation (APPs)
- researches of works that Kardec wrote, read, published and indicated in international libraries
- publications of books and articles that support the studies of the works and thoughts of Allan Kardec
- lectures, seminars and web-sites
- completion of courses
- video recording and editing equipment
- multilingual subtitles for videos (for inclusion of special needs and automatic translators)
- maintenance of newspapers and periodicals such as KARDEC News
- organizations of spiritist advertising marketing campaigns for Brazil and the world.

IMPORTANT: To be the patron of a book, financing your translation and / or publication, contact lilian@ideak.com.br